Rat Removal And Attic Cleaning Chino And Ontario


RAT AND MOUSE Exterminators in Chino and Ontario, CA specializes in getting your home or commercial building rat and mouse free.  We have expert rodent control technicians that are the best at how to trap rats from attic or other spaces and how to exclude rats and exclude rodents from entering your home or business.

We use proven extermination methods for our rat service with a lot of success for Chino and Ontario residences.  Our process begins with an inspection of the structure to advise based on our findings.  We can do different types of rat control services including rat trapping, rodent exclusion, attic cleaning and insulation removal and installing new pest control insulation that rats and mice don’t like.

Rat Exclusion
Rat exclusion needed

Chino and Ontario rats and mice may seek any points of entry to invade your home or business.  These gaps may be as tiny as a quarter requiring being closed off with materials that not only block the gap but are comprised of material rats are unable to gnaw through.  The example below demonstrates a metal screen screwed over the entrance into the attic rats were going back and forth.

Rat Exclusion Screened
Screened Rat Exclusion

Our process begins by inspecting the Chino and Ontario home to document current and future entry points of a mouse or rat.  We give estimates for fixing the access points and guarantee the exclusion done by our pest control company.

Animal Exclusion Point
Screen torn apart by a raccoon


Exclusion Point Covered
Exclusion Performed

Once the green light is given for us to begin the rat extermination we will start trapping and begin excluding the structure’s access points for your Chino and Ontario, CA home.  If the closing of entry points is basic and straight forward the rat removal technician sent out to your Chino and Ontario property will have the proper equipment on the pest control truck and often start the work right away.  Larger jobs or those needing materials not usually inventoried on our exterminator trucks we can return at a later time and start the exclusion work.  This is usually done in our first trap check in these cases.

After our construction and rat removal is performed on your Chino and Ontario home your rodent infestation should be gone.  For best results and more sanitary living conditions the infested space can also be vacuumed and sanitized.  This can involve vacuuming of feces, insulation, damaged material from nesting and sanitizing the space with a liquid sanitizing agent and/or ozone shock treatments.

We offer services from only trapping all the way to the entire area being cleaned and sanitized with insulation removed and re-installed.  We have different levels of guarantee periods.  Our first level of guarantee requires the exclusion to be done to qualify because this is a long term solution.  Please call us for more information.